A fleeting meeting with... Stuart McColl

A Fleeting Meeting...

Walker Slater's Head of Accessories, Stuart McColl, is a fan of fuss-free dressing, has a strict policy for welcoming new clothing and really loves a piece of cake.  We don't get to hear his rendition of his favourite shower hits, but he has given us an insight into his methods for achieving a straightforward wardrobe and a clear mind...

In a complicated world I believe it’s important to keep things nice and simple. Which is exactly what I have done with my wardrobe. To some it might look monotonous...to me it’s perfect. I have three outfits which are worn on a rotational daily basis—simple; I just grab the next clean outfit and go.  

Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Albert Einstein. All inspiring and successful individuals that share one thing in common; they all have minimalist wardrobes.  

When I am building a look the first thing I do is identify what I am hoping to showcase—the suit? the tie, or maybe the shirt? I feel it should be clear on where the focus is meant to be. Accessories play an important role. For example, if I have decided on a bold suit I would opt for subtle, complementary accessories to allow the fabric to sing. On the other hand, if I have chosen a more subdued suit I would pick out a bold tie or pocket square to add that eye catching flash of colour

As an over thinker I suffer from ‘decision fatigue’, which means that before I get to the important decisions of the day my brain is already tired. I now make a conscious effort to eliminate as many trivial daily decisions as I can, such as ‘what to wear?’ ‘what’s for dinner?’ and ‘do I eat another slice of cake?’ - yes, always yes.  

Opting for a minimalist wardrobe does require a certain amount of creativity; every item must be easily adaptable to create a smart or casual look depending on the occasion. One of the many benefits of tweed is its versatility—a three-piece suit has many combinations. 

Quality matters. There shouldn’t be any “throw-away” fashion items hanging from the rail; just good quality clothing that I really love. As it happens, most of what I own is from Walker Slater. I have been a customer for many years, since before I started working in 2017. I apply a strict “one in, one out” policy to new clothing - if I see a shirt I like, for example, it must be better than an existing shirt.  

I enjoy treating my neighbours to my excellent shower singing—it's a real shame they can't witness the impressive dance moves.

In my free time I enjoy reading—mostly science-based books; Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking are particular heroes of mine. I enjoy 80s horror movies, such as ‘The Fly’ with Jeff Goldblum and ‘The Fog’ by John Carpenter. I enjoy hill-walking with my Dad and golden retriever, George. I am also very keen on photography, with landscapes and nature being by favourite subject. And lastly, cake, I am particularly fond of cake, whether it’s eaten alone or with my fiancée, Maja.

Cake is always a winner.


Outfit details: Dallas Shirt, from the Messrs Collection, in Brown, Davis Waistcoat in brown herringbone Borders Tweed with the Barrington cords in navy with models' own Doc Martins.

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