For our recent photoshoot we visited Melville Castle in Edinburgh, to celebrate the beautiful 3 storey gothic castellated mansion, capturing the unique setting of this heritage building and well preserved grounds. Autumn/Winter in fashion represents transitional fabrics, the emphasis on seasonal detail and the art of layering. All are key to adapting to fluctuating temperatures while celebrating the sustainable and rich textures of the cloth, inspired by the wonder of the landscape.

Scottish fashion today is about combining textiles native to our homeland, while modernising the shapes and forms to complement the times we live in. Tweed, Tartan, and Fairisle are at the heart of the core fabrics we use, enabling the natural landscape to guide us. The versatility of the cloth allows for creative space to effortlessly mix and match pieces while retaining a hero colour throughout. The contrast of a corduroy chino, fine lambswool roll neck, silk pocket square, and cashmere scarf paired with a Harris Tweed jacket, enables ambitious styling and offers a look that enhances the playful nature between the fabrics.

The autumnal glow is ever-present in Scotland during this season, and our colour palette is heavily influenced throughout the collection. A gently draped jumper gives a tailored suit an air of softness and ease. Silk neckerchiefs, light tweed accessories, and contrast pieces all give a timeless reimagining when combined with heritage fabrics.   

The celebration of shape and silhouette are important to each season. They move forward as we view contemporary while retain balance by our roots in traditional country. You can find this throughout our collections and watch the evolution of our styling as time moves forward. The importance to pivot towards the relevance of our times yet understand how the future will embrace the past is essential. Loose fitting raglan sleeved Watson coat and cape inspired Arran funnel neck offer a degree of comfort, yet focus on the temptation of warmth, critical to our instincts. The elegance and grace of our sharp cutting Edward suit alongside the asymmetrical fitted riding jacket style Emma, portray a heavy lean towards the importance of tailoring and preserve the identity of a sharp form.

The art of layering is a critical component to the success of any country collection. Shades of tan, complexity of Fairisle ochre, deep browns and shades of navy provide this collection with a warm yet neutral base. The diversity of blues, enable softer corn shades to flourish while picking up accents within the finer accessories. The subtle presence of green grounds the collection to its earthy roots while paying tribute to the inspiring surroundings.    

Our Craig Overshirt is an iconic moment for Walker Slater Countrywear. A heavy duty, vintage military uniform inspired piece with a modern cutting edge. The Harris Tweed cloth represents the influence of Scottish tartan and enables the look to make a statement while paired with a muted navy outfit. The rugged and sturdy feel offer the wearer a lifetime garment, celebrating a unique moment in time, where sustainable materials partner alongside a deep rooted Scottish industry. A natural fusion between country and contemporary.

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