Our Values

Since 1989, Walker Slater’s vision has been steadfast in championing the sustainable merits of tweed and supporting the surrounding communities. In doing so, it aims to make tweed appeal to independently-minded customers and cement its relevance in this modern world.


There’s no denying that wool has always been the most sustainable material in fashion today. Due to its cyclical nature, wear-once culture and predilection for toxic synthetic materials, which are the key reasons as to why it’s the second biggest polluter after the motoring and oil industries, choosing wool is the way forward.

As a result, Walker Slater is a proud partner of HRH Prince of Wales’ Campaign for Wool, which is a multi-national, cross-industry coalition that launched in 2010 to promote wool from ecological and socio-cultural standpoints. Wool has always been the backbone of the Walker Slater brand, favoured fondly due to the myriad of ways it can be designed and its miraculous ability to absorb moisture, regulate temperature and resist bacteria. It’s also breathable, resilient to wear and tear and, most of all, biodegradable. Walker Slater’s vision is to promote and spread the gospel of wool and engage with independently-minded customers across the globe who wish to contribute towards creating a greater world.

Living Wage

A fair and liveable wage gives employees a chance to lead a dignified life, with access to the opportunities and choices needed to fully participate in society. At Walker Slater we pay a fair and liveable wage, so our workforce meet a decent standard of living and fair pay brings benefits for families, communities and our business. We want to raise living standards by ensuring everyone who works for Walker Slater earns a living wage or income.


Due to Walker Slater’s intimate relationships with its suppliers – whether fabric mills or small and independent manufacturers in Europe – it knows first-hand about the traceability of its product range.

From working with Harris Tweed, who are bound by an act of law to provide full transparency on who wove each bolt of cloth, or with manufacturers in Portugal who’ve been ahead of the curve on sustainable and ethical practices, Walker Slater is a standout in the lifestyle sector for knowing the intricate but important details about the production journey of each product.


Over the last 30 years, Walker Slater has fostered a community of like-minded thinkers through its stores in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London. Within those stores, customers are welcomed into Walker Slater’s world and leave feeling enriched, educated and enlightened thanks to friendly and well-informed customer service. The community has spread overseas, too, reaching as far as the US and Japan largely thanks to the bi-annual fashion trade show Pitti Uomo which takes place in Florence, Italy. Walker Slater hopes that in the years to come this community will flourish as more are drawn to its timeless, sustainable and understated creations.


Last but by no means least, as one of Scotland’s foremost menswear and womenswear clothing brands, Walker Slater’s vision is to elevate the perception of Scottish fashion on the world stage through honourable ethics, sustainable practices, natural materials and timeless design. In doing so, it aims to cement itself as the country’s prevailing ambassador.