At Walker Slater, our tweed jackets are the cornerstone of our collection. Decades of experience have gone into each of our signature designs to ensure that each jacket is well-crafted, adaptable and effortlessly elegant. Two vital aspects that make a Walker Slater jacket are the combination of a deep-rooted appreciation for tweed fabrics, and a contemporary and clean silhouette. Our in-house designers carefully consider the cut and fit of each of our styles in order to create garments that are versatile additions to any wardrobe and are easily dressed up or down for any occasion. We work closely with weavers and spinners, and have curated a collection of tweeds which form the backbone of our brand.



One of the aspects is its fit. They have a highly considered, tailored design which is achieved through a high-cut arm hole. This means that the waist shaping can start higher and the shoulders of the blazer fit closer, leading to a sharper silhouette. While this slims the cut, it also increases manoeuvrability, resulting in a garment that achieves a contemporary cut without sacrificing comfort.


man wearing a tweed jacket with a yellow scarf



In tweed production, the qualities of the wool are determined by the sheep that are used. Lambswool tweed, for example, is crafted using wool from the first shearing of young sheep. This means that the wool is fine, light and soft. Harris Tweed, by contrast, is created using fully grown Cheviot and Scottish Blackface sheep. These sheep have a dense and springy wool, resulting in a resilient and robust heavy-weight tweed. At Walker Slater, our collection of tweeds is at the heart of what we do; as important an aspect as the fit is. For lighter garments, we use tweeds with softer handles; wools blended with cashmere or merino wool to create jackets with a soft and supple finish. For heavier items, Shetland or Pendle Tweed provide thicker more textured cloths. This variety of tweeds also means that we are able to offer a range of different patterns with long histories like herringbones, puppytooth and donegal tweeds to more modern suiting patterns like windowpanes and checks.





Since the late 1980’s Walker Slater’s enduring mission has been to champion the heritage and sustainability of tweed and woollen fabrics through considered and timeless clothing. As a material, tweed has a number of natural benefits. It’s robust, antibacterial, breathable and biodegradable. Alongside these qualities, it’s a fabric with a variety of textures and colours that can’t be replicated in any other cloth. Soft, warm, tactile and adaptable, Walker Slater tweeds are carefully selected and designed to create cloths with wonderful depth and beauty in colours that celebrate the beauty of the Scottish landscape. At Walker Slater these cloths are the foundation for tweed jackets which are versatile, well-crafted and timelessly elegant.


picture of a sheep and wool





At Walker Slater we firmly believe that garments should be versatile, and able to be worn for a variety of occasions. Not necessarily just part of a suit, a tweed jacket can be worn with a multitude of looks; dressed up or down with ease. When worn with cotton, corduroy, or denim, a blazer provides an outfit with a sophisticated yet effortless preppy style. Tweed also pairs remarkably well with other woollen fabrics. The Italian principle of spezzato meaning “broken”, is based on the practise of wearing the jacket of one suit with the trousers of another. This results in a softer, less structured suit look while remaining formal. Even a tweed jacket as part of a matching two-piece or three-piece suit remains versatile. Due to the depth of colour and textures found in tweed, the fabric can be combined with a multitude of shirting and accessory options.

what to wear with a tweed jacket

Durable, structured and stylish Walker Slater tweed jackets are a compelling story of Scottish heritage design and tailoring excellence.