In our new campaign to celebrate our Contemporary Collection, silhouette is everything. In fact, it’s a key feature of the brand. Take a Walker Slater tweed suit jacket for example, it’s a garment that epitomises Walker Slater’s pairing of highly considered, sartorial cuts with traditional woollen and tweed fabrics.  

For this Autumn Winter campaign, the colour palette is kept muted. Subtle tones and textures interplay to create timeless and versatile garments within the Contemporary Collection. When viewed from afar, the tweeds used are deceptively simple. The navy donegal and Harris tweed herringbone fabrics; luxuriously deep and rich blues, come alive with a multitude of colours when viewed closely. Shades of grey with fine herringbone prints, are warmed by accent colours of pink and chestnut brown. 

This soft and subtle palette allows our fabrics to remain at the focal point of this campaign. Harris Tweed is celebrated for its unique beauty, and its distinctive Herringbone texture is contrasted against soft knits. Shetland Tweeds create sophisticated looks, the fabric draped gently yet meticulously to form tailored and elegant garments. Finally, tweeds blended with cashmere and wool flannel soften the campaign, the smooth and supple fabrics interspersed throughout to provide an understated luxury to our Contemporary Collection.  

This collection is based on a nonchalance and easy elegance. Nothing is over-styled, so each garment is able to shine. Effortlessly dressed up or down, this campaign serves to show that a Walker Slater suit is a garment of endless potential. Paired with a roll neck or a cardigan, a suit gives off an easy, yet considered appearance. With a shirt, pocket square and tie, a suit is the defining sartorial garment. Separated into its parts, with the trousers and jacket worn separately, a suit offers a myriad of stylistic possibilities. Striped shirts and silk knitted ties provide subtle and sophisticated depth to the outfits, and oversized, prominent collars add a sculptural and modern twist to the silhouettes. 

The Contemporary Collection highlights our tailoring range, which elevates traditional fabrics through contemporary cuts and pairs tailored silhouettes with the depth, variety and innate beauty of tweed. 

Our Contemporary Collection can be shopped online and in all of our branches; Edinburgh, London and Glasgow.