Our recent photoshoot for our Spring/Summer Country Collection seeks to celebrate those sources of inspiration that have been so vital to our designers. The location honours Scotland's artistic and intellectual heritage, while hints of collegiate and varsity fashions shine through subtle styling details.   

Our enduring aim has been to elevate the perception of Scottish fashion and how tweed and other heritage fabrics can be styled. The versatility of the cloth is unmatched and acts as an agile base for a number of looks. We seek to highlight this adaptability by mixing tweed with different textures. Corduroy, fine lambswool and cable textures are paired with Shetland, Borders and Harris Tweed in styling that enhances the playful nature of this cloth.    

There are touches of preppiness throughout the collection. A gently draped cricket jumper, borrowed from our men’s collection, gives a tailored suit an air of softness and ease. Sleeveless knits, tartan ties, and brogues; all are well established in preppy fashion yet are given a timeless reimagining when combined with heritage fabrics in enduring and elegant silhouettes.    

Ultimately, this collection stays true to our overarching ethos that clothing should be versatile and enjoyable to the wearer. For this season, we seek to imbue our pieces with lightness. The idea of “careless elegance” can be found in rolled shirt sleeves, unbuttoned collars, and loosely tucked knitwear. Through these little touches, we seek to freshen traditional cloths and encourage imagination and creativity through our garments.   

The landscape of Scotland remains our muse, lending her colours and textures to our cloths. Shades of tan and cream, reminiscent of un-dyed wool, and deeper browns and umbers provide this collection with a warm and neutral base. It’s coupled with a diversity of blues, from soft cornflower to deep navies. Accents of orange and red warm and contrast these colours, while the subtle presence of green grounds the collection to its earthy roots.    

Hopetoun House provides the backdrop to this photo shoot, a physical representation of the influence of art, literature and Scottish heritage in our work. It owes its construction to two of Scotland’s great architects, Sir William Bruce and William Adam. Combining Bruce’s classical and Adam’s baroque styles, Hopetoun House is a vital memento of Scotland's architectural history. 

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