In a world where the whimsically beautiful takes over from the definitive lines of practicality, Dark Academia is conjured by a bygone, liberal era, resplendent in vintage tweeds and heavy-knit wools. 

Intertwining fantasy with a romanticised nostalgia for the stalwart heritage of elite scholars past—reminiscent of Dead Poets Society and The Secret History—this classic aesthetic once had connotations of elitist gatekeeping and pretentiousness.  With the style's revival, a new generation is drawn in by the alluring nature of gothic architecture, leather-bound books and effortlessly stylish tailoring—the perfect complement to those horn-rimmed spectacles worn whilst reading by firelight in the study. 

Dark Academia takes its place as a motivating factor behind a style that has long been part of our make up, but one that is growing both in stature and embellishment. 

Walker Slater captures Dark Academia as a theme in their Autumn/Winter2021 shoot with befitting ease, showcasing pieces including the aptly named Watson and Conrad pieces that mark a sophisticated but versatile trend for those men and women looking to nail the look.