Our latest shoot highlights our Country Collection. Harris Tweed and Borders Tweeds are prominent and layered with warm knits, soft brushed cotton shirts and heavy wool coats. Yet, vitally, the silhouettes remain considered, giving a distinctive Walker Slater spin to these heritage fabrics. 

The location itself, Holyrood Park, embodies the important distinction of the Country Collection. It’s a rugged and rocky landscape, with open skies and hills draped layer on layer under the shadow of Arthurs Seat. Despite being a stone's throw from Edinburgh’s old town, the city is quickly hidden by following the rolling peaks and dips of the hills, and suddenly the landscape opens into a beautiful wilderness. In our County Collection, the pairing of the refined with the traditional is vital. The silhouettes remain timeless and intricately considered, yet the cloth sings with the colours and textures of the landscape.  

Traditional British tailoring owes much of its history to landscape and outdoor pursuits. Hacking jackets, traditionally worn when riding, still inspire suit designs today. Their influence can be seen in our Edward design, with its slanted pockets harking back to the riding jackets made popular in the 20th century. The history of tweed suits comes from highland estates, with each estate using a unique tweed to distinguish its workers. Eventually, estate tweeds caught the eye of the Victorian gentry, who would wear the warm and robust cloth while shooting, riding or hunting game. From there, tweed spread in popularity as a performance fabric, becoming indispensable to field sports.

This distinction of tweed as being something only worn in the country gave rise to the adage “no brown in town”. The 20th city uniform was usually muted, in sombre, dark tones. Thankfully this rule no longer applies, and tweed suits have made their way into the highest of sartorial echelons. Now, within this collection, we seek to combine a sympathy for the landscape while keeping cuts clean and sharp, allowing the wearer to dress sartorially while remaining connected to the countryside. 

The fabrics used have been carefully designed and chosen to highlight the art that is the Scottish landscape. Harris Tweed makes a bold appearance in this collection, providing depth and richness to the campaign. By nature of its weaving method, wherein the wool is dyed before being spun instead of dyeing spun yarn, Harris Tweed is a uniquely colourful tweed available in myriad intricate shades and hues. 

The prominent colours throughout this campaign are deceptively simple. When viewed closely, the shades of brown and green come alive with many other tones. Browns are enlivened and warmed by ambers and ember red. Ochre yellows and flecks of emerald brighten forest greens. These jewel tones highlight and brighten blues, greys and beiges, reflecting Scotland's natural palette and beauty.  

Puppytooths, checks, herringbones and the intricate patterns of Fair Isle knits are elevated and emboldened in the campaign by combining and contrasting with other patterns. This mix-and-match of cloths, colours and patterns is vital to this collection and gives each look a softer yet still tailored feel.  

When worn with layers of lambswool or cashmere, the structured look of a suit is muted. Draped in an oversized Melton wool coat or layered over a cable knit jumper, a suit appears softer, warmer and inviting. Especially in outfits where the colour palette is kept subdued or monochromatic, these layers of different textures add depth and intrigue to a look that highlights each cloth's unique qualities and beauty.

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