Walker Slater's contemporary AW23 collection spotlights the luxury of cashmere wool and the softness of flannel fabrics. A refined palette of charcoal greys and sophisticated new fawn hue takes centre stage. Classic flannel tones range from the elegantly understated grey to the depths of navy and dark green. This collection has an aura of elegance and subtlety while recognising the craft of exceptional tailoring. The range of design maintains a clean aesthetic, with patterns that allow the silhouette and form to shine through.

The focus on tailoring and sharp cut of the suit is carefully balanced by complimenting patterns and presence of fine attention to detail. The selection of luxury accessories: plain knitted silk ties, polka dot neckerchiefs and Italian made silk pocket squares all amplify this. The importance of this detail helps preserve a present feel, while not taking too much attention away from the distinctive cut.

Heritage patterns adopt a more understated presence compared to SS23. Small herringbones grace the tweeds, and subtle stripes embellish the shirting. The commitment to effortless elegance remains a guiding principle, and this year, we see a more refined cohesiveness between both sides of the business. Through accessible fabric choices worn by both Mens' and Women's ranges in store and online, there is a harmonious blend of rich tones and timeless patterns throughout.

The chalkstripe design, intimately associated with the prestigious tailoring heritage of London's Savile Row, boasts a legacy dating back to the early 19th century. Initially worn by bankers and financial leaders, the chalkstripe pattern symbolised authority and power. As time passed, it evolved into an emblem of refined sartorial expression, solidifying its place as a symbol of enduring elegance and sophistication.

The core of Walker Slater contemporary always starts with the cloth and the collection celebrates the use of natural materials. Muted tweeds, soft flannel, and luxury cashmere wool are all sustainable fabrics that offer versatility and longevity. While a subdued palette and refined profile play a pivotal role in the collection, Walker Slater's signature touch is always to add relevance to the design creating a piece both functional and timeless.

Our Contemporary Collection is available in Edinburgh, London and Glasgow; as well as online.