Visions of sophisticated travel have inspired Walker Slater’s latest campaign, Summer of Sartorialism. This campaign intertwines the artistry of voyage into clean and modern tailoring. It’s a gleeful embrace of a new season and the joy of exploration. Light tweeds, cashmere blends and linens have been used to create a wardrobe that is playful, effortless and subtle. 

Walker Slater takes traditional tailoring and heritage prints, spanning from herringbones to chalk stripes, and reimagines them in fresh adaptations for any occasion.

An important feature of Walker Slater’s ethos is that pieces should be able to be mixed and matched. The ability to combine design elements - pattern and colour and texture - allow the wearer to express themselves through their clothing and show their own personal inspiration. 

This is no exception when it comes to Summer of Sartorialism, and it’s a philosophy that Walker Slater stands firmly behind. Clothes should be versatile, and useable in different ways. Rather than following trends with limited scope, Walker Slater continues to create pieces that are timeless. These fluid looks create a wardrobe that is practical and wearable everyday but that still represents good tailoring.