"I am inspired by those who aspire to look stylish but not flashy; those who are able to present an image of being carelessly elegant while remaining comfortable in the clothing they choose,” says Walker Slater's designer Paul Walker. 

At the core of everything that is Walker Slater lies a fundamental moniker that sets the template for and inspires its creations. Carelessly Elegant takes in elements of the contemporary and fuses it together with personal aesthetic and both classic and modern silhouettes. More than just a design philosophy, the theme embraces the character of the brand and establishes a narrative that is fast becoming symbolic of the brand. 

This ethos means that Walker Slater is always about dressing stylishly and with ease. Garments are carefully curated through well cut and considered craftsmanship, to allow customers the ability to wear pieces in an individual way and with versatility - whether for a wedding, a social occasion with friends at the pub in the city or equally a weekend jaunt in the country. 

Built on quality and a timeless, but seasonal presentation, Walker Slater collections encapsulate wearable pieces and designs that can be utilised for several different ‘looks’ but also that stand the test of time to align to the topical 'buy better but buy less’. With quality fabrics and partnerships garnered over years with mills and manufacturers across Scotland, England and Portugal among others, Walker Slater customers are guaranteed a return on their investment through hard-wearing, premium product that ages with style that can be worn differently for varying occasions. 

“The passion of creating clothing for me comes from the idea that if the clothes are stylish, yet practical and robust. They will allow you to effortlessly be you, and let yourself be - without being contrived or careful. It is a feeling of having the confidence that what you are wearing will continue to look good, as your day or night progresses.”  - Paul Walker