SS24 Country makes its debut in London for the first time, offering a fresh perspective on Walker Slater in the city. Our location, St Dunstan In The East Church, restored by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire in 1697, represents a remarkable story of how nature finds a way to survive the test of time, despite the odds. Even the traditional cobblestone streets symbolise the importance of preservation in the modern world. For us, tweed represents this belief and celebrates nature’s versatility, durability, and preservation. Everyone in London needs tweed in some way or another, whether it’s for an occasional moment of elegance, a touch of class for the office, or a versatile casual look for the town.

Our colours are carefully managed and centred to browns and greens while slicing in our hero statements sienna and teal. Tartan is used as part of a natural growing influence for us with our Scottish roots. Cashmere wool and borders tweed are included adding a fresh contemporary touch to the collection.

Macian and Danni coats make their debut for Walker Slater using British Milleran wax cotton and lined with our signature tartan. The role these pieces play for the collection is to compliment the versatility of Tweed. The challenge of balancing bold and practical is an enjoyable dance between the two fabrics and an extension of the story, on how these materials are designed to last a lifetime. Versatility, durability and sustainability are important values we wanted to carry into this collection in fresh way.

Our signature Emma Jacket paired with a matching Cara trouser in Harris Tweed. This look is a change from jacket and skirt we normally go to, in order to show another way we wear the look. This showcases the silhouette of the trouser complimenting the fitted shape of the Emma.

The limited edition Conrad coat in cheviot wool Borders Tweed. This lighter than normal overcoat is a statement piece ideal for loose layering that accompanies a commanding presence. Influenced by military great coat uniform, the double breasted, extra wide lapels and long length is a statement worn in the city.

A focus on the sienna colour celebrating the power of diversity and wide range of tweed combinations. Shetland tweed offers a more muted option to Harris Tweed and weighing less to allow a more tailored finish as seen on the Forest Jacket and Trouser. The Charlotte x bakerboy style remind us of how comfort and shape can look ever empowering especially on the city streets.

The focus on Borders Tweed and Harris Tweed overcoats. The key is the double breasted style and the impact coordinated colours can make on rest of the outfit elevating the sienna colours to its highest potential. The look represents a fresh perspective on how to combine different tweed options with statement styles.

A muted version of our traditional Fairisle offering shows depth in the range of pattern and ability to compliment a classic look with a slim fitting style. Lambswool Fairisle effortlessly matches our collection values of durability, sustainability and versatility.

The Varsity collection was created in London and has come full circle now with a completed 3 piece suit. Rugby and Walker Slater Country has always had a natural bond since SRU (Scottish Rubgy Union) x Harris Tweed collection was first introduced as the official partner for the national team. The unique Varsity teal colour offers a diverse option to our collection that is intended to make a powerful statement, finished off with a touch of Tartan by the tie.

The Deborah Skirt and waistcoat is celebration of freedom, comfort and heritage. Even when worn loose, the focus on a tailored waistcoat signals a focused view on standards but a relaxed approach with rolled up sleeves to balance the energy of the busy city.

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