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Tweed runs occur around the world, with participants dressing up in their finest threads for a fashionable cycle—and important refreshments along the route! The town of Fredrickstad, Norway, just hosted it's second spin...

Tweed Run Norway 2019  kicked off at 1pm on Saturday 31st August with around 190 finely dressed riders taking to the streets on their trusty bicycles. There were multiple stops—one for a measure of Port, another for locally made fishcakes (energy!) with spontaneous photo opportunities for both outfits and scenery. The day ended with a grand picnic in the park featuring elegant china teacups, good food and entertainment from Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer.

Friends Mona and Penny  took part, and have very kindly shared with us some pictures of themselves and friends in their Walker Slater garments. We are also delighted to note that Mona won 'Tweed Ambassador of the Year'. What an honour!

Penny,left, and Mona both wear Emma jackets. Mona pairs hers with an Iona Waistcoat and Meredith Plus 2s.

Mona met Thomas, another Walker Slater customer, on the cycle. We love Thomas's tartan tie with his tweed three piece; a subtle statement accessory. Tweed and bikes, always bringing people together!

Penny contrasted her blue Emma with a vibrant gold Emmy Design cardi. We do love a colour pop, here at WS!

Mona's accessories are perfect: the waist chain adding shine and new bow softening the sharp lines of her outfit whilst complementing the colours wonderfully.

A little close up for pattern and texture.


All images owned by: Mona and Penny. Thank you ladies!




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