Stewart Bryden (BA) is an internationally published professional portrait and fashion photographer originally from Ayrshire, Scotland. He is a rising star and talented photographer. We were lucky enough to work with him last week on a Walker Slater photo shoot; he even dabbled in some modelling himself in our Clydesdale Charity Fashion Show. After being on the judging panel for the Glasgow Herald fashion awards on Sunday night, he was given many compliments on his new suit.

Stew Bryden nov 2014


1. Name:

Stewart Bryden



3. What you are wearing from Walker Slater?

The James lambswool microcheck three-piece suit.

4. This was your first tweed suit. How would you describe the way tweed makes you feel?

When wearing the tweed, I could feel the quality. It made me feel like a gentleman. I recently wore it coupled with a House of Nines shirt to the Herald Fashion awards, and most people who attended passed comment on how strong the suit looked. A three-piece suit should be included in every modern man's wardrobe, and preferably a three-piece tweed.

5. What are your thoughts on this season's fashion in regards to the tweed revival? Do you feel it suits your style?

The tweed revival is long overdue. I feel the culture around being a gentleman, a tradition that should be long-standing, has faded in recent history. Tweed is bringing gentlemen back; men are becoming more aware of what they are wearing and tweed is a staple piece to include. I feel that tweed suits my style with a few alterations. The classic fit of a tweed suit isn’t particularly for me. Walker Slater were delighted to tailor my suit personally to fit my needs – mainly with a slimmer, tapered shorter leg. Alterations like this demonstrate that tweed can suit anyone.

6. Tell us a bit about your experience in New York.

After graduating from university I went out to New York City for a period of time, working within the Manhattan-based studio of renowned American photographer Ryan McGinley as a photographic assistant. I will be heading back out in 2015 to work alongside him once more. Berlin and Japan are also in the pipeline next year for me professionally.

7. You've worked both in front of and behind the lens: who would you most like to shoot or be shot by, and why?

After going full-time as a photographer at the start of the year I gave up modelling to fully focus my time on my photographic career. To be honest there isn’t any one person I would be desperate to shoot, I love shooting new people in new locations. Being able to shoot a plethora of different characters while on set across the world is a job I will never tire of.

8. You've worked with some pretty inspiring people of late, who would you say has inspired you the most?

I recently shot an international cover and editorial for the first issue of the magazine IN BLOOM. Editors Harriet and Julia started the magazine from nothing and are stocked across the world, including, but not limited to, London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Malaysia and across Europe. I currently share my studio in the heart of Glasgow's city centre with them. I work with a strong team, including assistant Jawn McClenaghan, MUA Molly Sheridan and stylist Steph Kelly. The work we churn out together as a team is always my strongest. Last but not least is one of my oldest and best friends, model Christopher Millington: as we are both now so busy (usually on separate sides of the world) we don’t work together as much as we once did, but when we are together we always have the most amazingly inspiring conversations. Myself and Chris have some great things lined up for 2015. I would say that pretty much everyone around me creatively within Scotland inspires me daily.

9. Salt & sauce or salt & vinegar?

Salt & vinegar.

10. What's your favourite Scottish word?

Dreich - a very appropriate word for a Scotsman.

You can view Stewart's work on his website

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