Tweed Profiles


1. Name 

G: Gemma Burton

E: Euan Burton

2. Current occupation

G: Student

E: Head high performance judo coach for Sport Scotland institute of sport

3. How did you get into judo and how keen were you when you started?

G: I was 6, I was taken by my mum as I had a lot of energy as a child and my mum thought it would help me to use up some of my excess energy before bedtime. I remember not wanting to go the very first time, but once on the mat I fell in love with throwing people, especially the boys in my class!

E: I was 6 and my parents took me as I loved sports but was a really shy kid. Once you've had a scrap with someone it really helps break down the barriers.


4. Was there anything you wish you had been told about the Olympic experience before you got there?  

G: Maybe how to deal with the attention that comes following success. Luckily Euan had lots of media experience and kept me right.

E: My Olympic experiences were unfortunately both without medal success but I wish I'd been able to deal with that quicker at the time so I could enjoy the rest of the experience to the fullest.

5. Which competitions were you successful in and which did you enjoy the most ?

G: The 2012 London Olympic Games were the highlight of my career. Competing at the biggest sporting stage in your home town and coming away with a medal was an experience I will never forget. I loved competing at the Olympics and the Tokyo Grand Slam, which is one of the 4 Grand Slams of the year and being held in the home city of Judo makes it a really special tournament to compete in.

E: I had some good success at the European and World Championships winning 5 championship medals. I also won the Tokyo and Moscow Grand Slams which were great to fight in, but the Paris Grand Slam is one of the most enjoyable tournaments. It can make judo players feel like superstars for the weekend.


6. Cakes, and desserts in general, are pretty important at WS—what would you like for your ideal afternoon tea?

G: Egg mayo sandwiches, macaroons, fruit scones with clotted cream and amaretto and strawberry jam, with a battenberg for good measure.

E: I'd go with macaroons and clotted cream scones too but I do like the classic cucumber sandwich in my afternoon tea.

[Editor: the whole office is now starving having read those answers!]

7. Euan grew up in and around Edinburgh, but Gemma you moved here as an adult. Which spaces and places have you fallen for since your move? 

G: There are so many—especially eateries. Edinburgh has so many good independent places to eat and drink. My top list of places and eateries would be; Calton Hill, Lauriston Castle, the Dominion cinema, Beer and Skittles, Ting Thai Caravan, Teuchters, The Chop House, Haven cafe and Froyo...and pretty much anywhere and everywhere when the festival is on!

8. And Euan, as an established resident, where would you suggest friends visit that is not mentioned in the guidebooks?

E: I've lived in Edinburgh for about 20 years now but I was from East Lothian so I'd probably suggest getting some brekkie and a coffee at Gardner's Cottage on the weekend. Then wandering up to Waverley station and jumping on the train down the coast to Dunbar or North Berwick and exploring the east coast, grabbing some fish and chips to eat by the beach in the evening before heading back into town for a few drinks somewhere like Cafe Royal or Sandy Bells—somewhere traditional, lively and with an eclectic mix of people.

9. You must spend most of your time in training gear; what kind of threads do you choose to wear when you are off the mat? 

G: Yes, most of my time is spent in a tracksuit, but any time I get the chance to put on non sporty clothes I do. I love a simple pair of black skinny jeans, brogues, Chelsea boots or Havaianas (depending on the weather) and a nice tweed jacket or over sized jumper to finish the look off.

E: Again, I'm in my JudoScotland tracksuit a fair bit but I do like getting smartened up. Jeans, good shoes, a nicely fitted shirt and a blazer looks the part for day to day.

10. Finally, what is your favourite Scottish word?

G: Bonnie

E: Shoogle


Euan wears our Edward jacket in Port Harris Tweed and Gemma wears the Skye jacket in green multicheck Borders tweed.

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