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Dougie hosted our fashion show in September and wore the Edward navy Prince of Wales Borders tweed suit to the event. Link at bottom of page.

1. Name:

Dougie Vipond

2. Occupation:


3. How did you get into drumming; was it something you were pushed into through school music lessons or were you inspired by a specific band?

I’ve always been fascinated by rhythm. I remember sitting in an underground train when I was very young, my brother complained about the noise while I was hearing patterns and grooves thrown up by the movement of the carriage.  I also remember seeing a picture of Queen drummer, Roger Taylor, wearing tiger print trousers and thinking, I want to be like him…he could play a bit too.

4. Did you have anything wild in your rider when touring, or were you a lot more down to earth than current bands?

We had a ‘don’t behave like a dick’ rule, which was adhered to most of the time (!), and demanding specific items on the rider would have fallen into the ‘dickish behaviour’ category.

5. You have presented all kinds of sporting events in recent years, including the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. What’s the sport that really got you interested? Did you play or was it more spectators’ sport to avoid breaking any drumming bones? 

That was the big question for me at school. I loved sport, playing everything available; rugby, football, basketball, volleyball but I also loved music, which was a huge part of life then too; orchestra, wind band, jazz band, brass band…something had to give! Truth was I wasn’t good enough at anything to have a playing career in sport so music became the focus. My dad suggested I gave up contact sports to protect my fingers…

6. Deacon Blue formed in the 80s—a questionable time for fashion! Are there any looks you went for that you still cringe to think about?

I still shudder at the memory of a Stone Island wet-look Parka I bought for £400!!!! It was the most hideous and expensive item in my wardrobe at that time

7. You are taking part in Social Bite’s Sleep in the Park (9th December 2017), have you got your sleeping bag at the ready? 

Sleeping bag looked out already!! I can’t imagine how terrifying it must feel to be homeless. I’m a huge fan of Social Bite’s plan to eradicate homelessness in this country within five years. It’s a huge task but a manageable one. ‘Sleep In the Park’ is a grand awareness event that will hopefully help…plus I’m looking forward to hearing some of the other bands and speakers on the night.

8. Three tracks you can never get enough of and why.

My funny valentine - Rickie Lee Jones

There are so many versions of this song but Rickie Lee does it beautifully and pushes all the right buttons in my opinion.

Cum on feel the noize - Slade [Editor is loving the breeks in this video]

Sitting watching Top of the Pops when I was in Primary two, suddenly Dave Hill's horrendously frightening outfit and Noddy Holder's mirrored top hat appeared on screen...then he sang! I remember thinking "I want some of that!" I didn't know what it was but I wanted to be part of it - never got the top hat though!

Infernal Dance from Firebird Suite - Stravinsky. When I was about 13 I got into the Strathclyde Schools Orchestra - felt not only the emotional but physical power of orchestral music playing this piece.  This was the game changer that made me want to go and study to be an orchestral percussionist.



Dougie wears our Edward suit in Navy Prince of Wales Borders tweed.

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