Lammond Silk Hank


Our eye catching Lammond silk hank beautifully incorporates the timeless charm of the paisley pattern, adorned with an enchanting butterfly motif.

The term "paisley" itself comes from the town of Paisley in Scotland, where European weavers and textile designers first encountered the pattern in the 18th century, originating in Persia over 2,000 years ago.

As for the butterfly motif, it is equally rich in symbolism. In many cultures, the butterfly represents transformation, rebirth, and the fleeting beauty of life.

When these two timeless symbols, paisley and the butterfly, converge in a design, they create a powerful synergy.

The butterfly's presence amidst the paisley-inspired design adds an extra layer of meaning. It's a reminder that life's transformations and moments of beauty are often found in the details, in the delicate balance between tradition and renewal.

Wearing this pocket square is not only an expression of style but also a nod to the enduring symbols of history and nature, seamlessly woven together in a design that is both timeless and meaningful.


  • One Size
  • Approximately 33cm x 33cm
  • 100% Silk
  • Paisley Pattern
  • Dry Clean Only
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SKU 00113366
Fabric Silk
Restrict Hemming and Leg Length custom options No
Exchange period 30 days
Repair period 365 days
Return & Refund period 30 days
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