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Walker Slater Edinburgh Grassmarket Store

Edinburgh Grassmarket Menswear

Walker Slater started in Laggan in 1989 and moved forward to open its first store in Edinburgh offering unstructured suits, in tweeds and linen together with our rugged style of knitwear. Our mens store, and what it offers, has gradually grown through design and more formal tailoring, utilising local fabrics and yarns into the emporium it is today.

At one end you will find the unstructured tweeds, the casual items. In the middle, you will come across our more formal suits, overcoats, and shirts. Finally, in our largest room, you will come across the tweeds. Whether it is a full three piece tweed suit you are looking for, or a wee gift, we have something worth spending the time to consider.

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Edinburgh Grassmarket Ladieswear

Our ladies’ tweed shop opened in 2012, to much female joy! After all, there had only been a tiny section in the men’s shop dedicated to ladies tweed coats, and a couple of tweed jackets. Those went down wonderfully with the ladies who discovered it, and we were frequently asked for a whole shop – so it was opened! With various cuts of blazer, coat, trouser, skirt and other ladies garments. Colour is celebrated more in here, too, with feminine shades of tweed and bolder patterns available.

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Walker Slater Edinburgh Grassmarket Ladieswear Store



Walker Slater Covent Garden Store

London Fulham Road

Our Fulham store is more compact than our Edinburgh flagship store but still holds a great selection. Our favourite tweed jackets, suits, shirts, knitwear and neck accessories inhabit this cosy space, ready for your perusal. Opened in 2006, the store has the same charm as Edinburgh, but with that southern charm.

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London Covent Garden

Covent Garden opened in September 2014. This is the first of our stores to combine both men's and ladies tweeds, casuals and accessories. We have exclusive items only found at our store giving us a worthwhile reason to visit. Being situated in between Holborn and Covent Garden stations respectively; our accessibility is very useful indeed!

We are also very unique in the way we conveniently have a professional tailor opposite our store who deal with all alterations and tailoring directly. This added touch gives all our customers the full experience of speaking to the tailor personally which enables us together to examine how the final cut is prepared.

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Walker Slater Edinburgh Grassmarket Ladieswear Store



Walker Slater Glasgow Store

Glasgow Brunswick Street

Glasgow is the youngest store from the Walker Slater family, opening in July 2017 to cater for the ladies and gents of the west coast. 

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Our online shop opened in April 2014 and has a well curated selection of pieces from our brick and mortar stores, holding both men’s and ladies clothing and accessories.

Enjoy your shopping experience!

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Walker Slater Glasgow Store



Thanks to all our loyal customers.


We hope you enjoy your online shop and have the opportunity to visit one of our brick and mortar stores - the tweed filled atmosphere is stimulating, and we are keen to help our customers get the most out of their chosen items with our specialised tailoring and tweeds.