Most of you will recognise Kewin’s images from our website and social channels; fashion may be one of his passions, but weddings are his daily focus. Read on for some smashing musical recommendations, details about Bordeaux, style and how to look like Inspector Gadget...

I have been a wedding photographer since 2016. It wasn’t planned: I had lost my job, and got the opportunity to earn a living by taking pictures. Why weddings? Because I love experiencing the very special and powerful moments amongst different families. I also get the welcomed chance to visit beautiful places that I may not have discovered if it wasn’t for my work.

My favourite photographer is Eric Rene Penoy: his style is unique, timeless and so emotional. He can tell a story like no other. When you see his reportages, you can sense every detail and emotion thanks to his lovely artistic style. He has given me many tips on how to improve my own work, too: thanks Eric!

Describe my style…what a challenging exercise! I live in Bordeaux, where winters are cold and rainy, and summers are very hot. Depending on the season, I will wear different styles. In the winter I am inspired by the 40s, and generally dress a little more formally. I love wearing high-waisted, large trousers with braces. I wear double-breasted suits with a fedora hat and a long woollen coat.

I have three different coats that I choose to suit the occasion. One is navy blue—and comes from Walker Slater—the second is a vintage light camel one that I found in a second-hand shop—La Martinerie, Bordeaux. And finally, a brown corduroy one I found on Vinted. I love them all!

I really love coats because I feel warm and protected from the elements—and with a hat, I look like Inspector Gadget! hahaha

Every item of clothing evokes a different feeling. I love second-hand shops because shopping there is like going on a treasure hunt. You don’t know what you will find. It’s such a rewarding feeling when you find something you like and the size is perfect.

I visited Glencoe once, and I really fell in love with it. It’s so very peaceful and looks like it’s another world. The light is different and can change very fast. Unfortunately, I haven’t really visited much more of the UK. When I was a teenager, I went to Cornwall with school, but I wasn’t very curious about the beauty of the area. Being a jerk with my friends was more interesting back then!

I have many other passions...I love quiet places in nature. I enjoy travelling in a caravan with my girlfriend and discovering peaceful, special locations. Just living and enjoying the moment.

I love to play and watch football: I appreciate the beauty of the sport, even if the business is disgusting. If you want to know, I'm not a fan of any particular team.

Another passion is Latin music and dance. I was a salsa dancer until 2009. If you want to discover some great unknown groups, look up Havana D’Primera, Septeto Nabori or Familla Valera Miranda on Spotify. Enjoy!

I was born in Bordeaux (in the South West of France) which is where I still live. The area is known for its wine, for good reason! It’s home to Médoc, Saint Emilion, Graves, Entre Deux Mers, Sauternes, etc…But if you come to visit Bordeaux, you will discover a beautiful old city with no cars in the centre. “La place de la Bourse” or ‘Le Grand Théatre” are the places to visit. You can hire a guide to discover the English history of Bordeaux (1152-1451).

The Pyla Dune is also a very beautiful place to visit; it’s a massive sand dune facing the legendary Cap Ferret.


Outfit details: Francis Jacket, waistcoat and trouser in Blue Red Prince of Wales Check Cashmere Wool Cotton, hat and shirt model's own.

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