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A fleeting meeting with... Claire

A Fleeting Meeting...

Claire is Head of Partnerships at Walker Slater and spends a lot of her weekdays flitting back and forth between meetings, calls and tactical organisation. In her spare time however, she hunts for vintage footwear, rambles through the trees with Cindy, Walker Slater's Head of Treats, and dreams of visits to Rome...

Botticelli’s 'The Virgin Adoring the Sleeping Christ Child'

The first time I realised how transferable clothing was between men and women was when I met retired gallery director Sir Timothy Clifford whilst admiring Botticelli’s The Virgin Adoring the Sleeping Christ Child. He wore the most fantastic look that comprised of a pair of red trousers paired with a navy sports jacket (complete with brass buttons) and a pale blue shirt. Iwas a wonderful ensemble—I’d never seen such a fabulous look and I immediately longed to create a women’s equivalent.  I think this transferability is an important aspect of ladies tailoring and what we offer at Walker Slater. 

I love dressing up. I’m fairly tall so I tend not to wear too many patterns—but I love a matching tweed suit. I have many in different colours, textures and weights.  I just wear what I love, and I feel very lucky to be able to do so. 

I collect shoes.  I own many pairs, from all different designers, but my favourite are a pair of pony-hair Louboutin heeled loafers that look marvellous paired with any one of my tweed suits.  The flash of red on the sole is a mark of fun and style.  I view shoes as collectable, wearable works of art. 

Grace Kelly posing in one of her effortlessly stylish casual looks.

Grace Kelly's entire look is classic and timeless, and I'd happily own her whole wardrobe. I enjoy the glamorous aesthetic; cinched 1950s waists on dresses with decorative bead work and fine fabrics.  Her more casual looks of tailored trousers and blouses, finished with little silk scarves, are an inspiration and a very applicable look for today. 

I take great care of my clothes and shoes, maintaining them with the correct cleaning methods, repairs or alterations to reach the desired fit for me.  I enjoy finding vintage and secondhand pieces and tailoring them to become perfect additions to my wardrobe. This is a sustainable and practical way that meets both the needs of my style and the planet. 

Claire wearing her Deborah skirt, with Gabi denim shirt and vintage heels.

I have practised classical ballet since I was two years old, I really enjoy my weekly classes at Dance Base.  I am currently loving Dan de Andrade of Northern Ballets classes online. 

Rome is my favourite place.  I love the colours, the way the light falls onto the buildings and virtually everything about the city vibrates with a unique energy; and who can forget the fabulous food and wine.  I find being in Italy relaxing and inspiring—you never run out of things to do or explore. I can't wait to see the Italians recover from the very tough experience of being hit by Covid-19—which I’m sure they willand I look forward to my next visit

I also feel a huge sense of pride to be born in Edinburgh. When the weather is pleasant, it truly is a stunning city where we are so lucky to have our WS HQ. 

I adore music and have an eclectic taste. I love the Rolling Stones; so much I have the logo tattooed and have seen them four times live in concert!  I have recently really enjoyed From our House to Yours by the Royal Opera House.

The Rake founder, Wei Koh

Alongside a good record, my perfect evening in would have to involve some Italian specialities. Having never been much of a cook, I’ve been learning some simple recipes, cocktails and sampling many lovely red wines. 

Outfit: The look I have chosen here is my favourite Walker Slater garments, including our light denim Gabi shirt with the Deborah skirt in Tan Pendle Tweed. I really like this look because it changes quite a formal skirt, which could be worn to an evening event, into something more daytime.  We worked closely with our good friend and stylist, Debs, in London to create this pleated style to hold a strong shape but give a pleasant fit - I think we got it just right.  This look is definitely inspired by those such as Wei of The Rake (above) who often looks so effortlessly fabulous in denim, often paired with a formal jacket—I love that!  On occasion sport the sartorial marmite that is 'Double Denim'; my father is the true king of this look.  Paired with my Manolo Blahnik Harris Tweed Hangisi shoes and Rox “C” bamboo necklace, it is all me - the original CP.

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