A fleeting meeting with... Benedict Browne

A Fleeting Meeting...

Benedict is a London based writer and stylist who regularly contributes to publications such as The Rake, Mr Porter and Gentleman’s Journal to name but a few. Style may be his main focus, but here he also shares his enthusiasm for exercise, well cared for clothing and Tony’s Chocolate... 

Currently my style is inspired by 1960s and 1970s boxers, like Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali and Roberto Duran. Out of the ring, of course!   

Benedict models the Ronan jacket, a Walker Slater special for The Rake

Simplicity and a high-low balance are key when I’m putting together a look. For instance, a bespoke suit with a Uniqlo T-shirt or beaten-up sneakers that should probably be thrown away. It keeps a realness to dressing up that I like, but at the same time makes it relevant and relatable.  

I don’t tend to buy new clothes often and still wear certain items I’ve stolen from my dad or older brothers over the years. If it’s nice, it’s nice. It doesn’t need to be new and nor do I feel that I should always be wearing something new and fresh. In saying that, I must admit that English-made shoes are a guilty pleasure of mine.  

I own a vintage Vietnam war OG-107 shirt from Broadway & Sons in Gothenburg, Sweden. I couldn’t do without it! 

Take care when folding away clothes – don’t stuff them away in a cupboard; hang jackets on proper hangers, always hang trousers rather than folding, store shoes with shoe trees. Everything will look better and last longer. 

I’ve been going to the running track a fair bit during lockdown and staying there for a good few hours exercising, stretching and getting ‘fresh’ air. Soon I hope to be able to run able to run a 5k under 20 minutes. Once this is all over though, I’ll just be at my mates and siblings' houses as I live locally to a lot of them. Also, back in the boxing gym is going to be my main way of winding down, if you can call it that.   

Bundaberg Ginger Beer in a glass bottle has become my daily pleasures (the top/cap is so satisfying to remove). I've also discovered a local coffee shop that sells this weird hybrid of a cinnamon bun crossed with a muffin with a little bit of doughnut DNA in – it's mind-blowingly good. [Editor: I just can’t deal with how hungry these answers are making me...] 

Scrambled eggs—you can never go wrong or be let down with that. Or Tony’s Chocolate (if you know, you know. If you don’t, then you should get to know. Immediately).  



Outfits: (top) Edward jacket and trouser in mustard herringbone windowpane Borders tweed, (middle and bottom) WS for The Rake - Harris Tweed Ronan Jacket with blue cotton Oxford Redford shirt and Edward trouser in grey Donegal pattern Shetland tweed. 


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